Get to know Maryville, Tennessee

March 15, 2024

Maryville, Tennessee is a beautiful community in East Tennessee that is located in the general area between Knoxville and Townsend, Tennessee. Maryville bridges the gap between a more rural experience and what might be considered more city living. Maryville, Tennessee is a featured area for me as a REALTOR, as I live in the area, love the area and am very knowledgeable about moving here as that is exactly what I did. Visit my zip code pages in Maryville showing all homes for sale.

Knoxville, TN, and Townsend, TN, couldn’t be more different in terms of development, aesthetics, population and what it can offer visitors; Knoxville is a sprawling, genuine metropolis city and Townsend is the kind of Appalachian river town you’ve always wanted to visit to get away from the rest of the world. In-between them, and offering a genuine meld of both appropriate for being the connection between a city and an Appalachian river town, is the city of Maryville; a suburb of Knoxville that has a “Knoxville-lite” vibe while also being close to the Smoky Mountains and offering plenty of Smoky Mountain culture inside and nearby.

Maryville is known for its colleges, which include Maryville University and proximity to 7 other colleges, and artistic leanings as well as a handful, at least, of historic landmarks and modern attractions. The Bicentennial Greenbelt Park is one landmark that gives the city part of its central identity and thousands and thousands of locals and visitors get to enjoy the gorgeous, sprawling park all throughout the year. Historic sites like the Sam Houston Historic Schoolhouse, Blount County Historical Museum, John Alexander House, Clover Hill Mill and Cades Cove Museum educate and provide context to our wonderful area in ways that continue to enlight while the independent theater scene provides color and culture well beyond our established horizons – and occasionally comfort zones.

For modern needs, Maryville has the Foothills Mall, the True American Popcorn emporium, Hobby Lobby, Target, Ulta, and many of the stores and restaurants you would find deeper into Knoxville. Dozens of local businesses general and unique thrive inside Maryville as well.

If the idea of having access to just about everything you’d want and need in the Smokies in a city-like environment without having so much of the city traffic and additional complications that comes with a bigger city like Knoxville sounds like the home for you, Maryville is the place you want to go and I would be happy to help you find the right living space for you there!

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