Moving to the Smoky Mountain area. Find relocation tips.

April 14, 2024

East Tennessee is one of the most popular areas for relocating seniors, families and singles. The location of East Tennessee and it’s unsurpassed beauty has so much to offer those who are seeking a new experience in life. Jobs are available through the heavy tourism business in the area, however, you want to secure yours before you arrive. Maybe a job is the last thing you need! Retirement is fabulous in Tennessee. The Smoky Mountain Area, Knoxville, Seymour, Maryville, Tennessee and all of the communities of East Tennessee provide a fabulous lifestlye no matter what your goals may be.

Besides the beautiful scenery, rolling hills and mountain views, there are many other things to love about Tennessee. There is no state income tax in the state of Tennessee. Comparitively throughout the states,Tennessee is a reasonably low cost of living state, ranking 6th in the states for the lowest cost of living, according to a survey in 2022.

Property taxes are generally lower in Tennessee which make home buying even more pleasant! The experience of living in four seasons that represent themselves well is the icing on the cake.

For whatever reason you may be considering a move to Tennessee, we have put together a moving checklist that would be great for anyone. Retiring, relocating, moving the family, this can help.

Create a Moving Checklist

  • Create a Moving Budget
  • Learn about the new community and the area you are moving to.
  • Research Out of State Moving Companies if you are moving from Out of State.
  • Rid Clutter
  • Rid More Clutter
  • Pack Early, Often in durable boxes that are well marked.
  • Inventory your items to be moved, get a clear idea for a quote from the moving company.
  • Set up new Mail, Utilities, etc in the new community
  • Stay excited as you unpack.

Welcome to your new East Tennessee Community. As your Trusted Realtor you can count on me to help you access any of these items and help you complete your list for a smooth move.