Short Term Rental 2024 Trends Investors Will Want to Consider

February 17, 2024

Are you a first time investor, or a long term cabin owner, through the ups and downs of the market as it has grown? Short Term Rental cabins as they are known now is a popular second and primary income for many. Demand for STR Cabins in the Smoky Mountains and throughout have only grown, although 2024 trends show new cabins to the program as a plateau at this time.

The properties that are the most occupied and most sought after for 2024 are Luxury Rentals with Unique Rentals as a tight 2nd. Luxury rentals in the Smoky Mountains are not new. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park makes this area a popular destination for the entire East Coast and really now that spreads along the Gulf Coast and into the Midwest. Owners are investing in cabins and either managing the cabin themselves with the help of national reservation software, or they are hiring a cabin property management company to help them manage the property.

short term rental

Slow travel is growing. Guests are looking for unique, personal and even customized experiences. As you consider your current properties and new properties, consider how this unique property can bring guests a particular experience. Technology is big! Invest in a movie theater room, but think bigger! Add in a virtual reality experience for a growing occupancy!

As a local to the Smoky Mountain area, I feel very condifent in my recommendations to investors about purchasing a Short Term Rental Property in the Smokies. I would love the chance to help you become an investor in the East Tennessee area.

These properties have become popular in nearly every area across Tennessee and the Nation. Let’s take a look at what your checklist for the perfect investment needs to be and then let’s go find it. I would love to be part of the journey of growing your income and investments.