Top Benefits of Being a Home Owner

February 17, 2024

Becoming a home owner is a big deal! When you purchase a home you become an investor at some level. As a first time home owner you are investing in you! Real estate has always been a good long term investment. Real Estate is known for remaining fairly inflation proof in the big picture. There are many benefits to being a home owner.

Here are several reasons we think everyone might want to work to become a home owner. If I can help you become a home owner, there is nothing I enjoy more, allow me to help. I enjoy working with first time home buyers.

Appreciation. Real Estate is an investment with long term stable growth. It can often serve as a bit of a hedge fund in times of inflation. Working to keep your home up has excellent value when re sale time comes as your home enjoys appreciation.

Equity. What is equity? When you make a rent payment to your landlord, the money has a short term value for the time and space but nothing more. When you make your home payment, month after month you build equity that has value for you. You may borrow against your home equity for whatever reason down the road because it is a solid investment that has grown. Essentially Equity is like a savings account.

Tax Benefits! Home Owners enjoy the benefit of deducting their property taxes and mortgage interest on their itemized tax return.

Predictability. Purchase a house within your budget. With this purchase and a fixed mortgage, you will know the amount of your home costs each month and it will stay fixed. With rental costs soaring, owning is often as possible as renting. Owning will bring much more benefit.

Freedom. There is something about something being yours. Freedom. Freedom to own a pet. Freedom to paint the colors you like. Freedom to develop your living space.

Stability. You can’t underrate the power of stability. Building relationships with neighbors and more is an important part of a live well lived.

If I can help you become a home owner it would be my absolute joy. Talk with me 865-268-9702